Magazine by Slanted
World by Moby Digg
Sound by Mayo


01_ CROSSLUCID Landscapes
02_ The Fabricant Deep—Faster Fashion
03_ Sofia Crespo Neural Zoo
04_ Daniel Wenzel A.I. Type Design
05_ 404.3
06_ Shawn Maximo Going Green Watch on YouTube
07_ Studio Brud Miquela Sousa,
08_ Pleun Van Dijk Replika
09_ Universal Everything The Transfiguration
10_ Shu Lea Cheang 3x3x6
11_ !Mediengruppe Bitnik Random Darknet Shopper
12_ Superflux Drone Aviary
13_ Shalini Kantayya Coded Bias
14_ Guy Ben-Ary & Nathan Thompson CellF, Photos: © Alex Davies
15_ Charlie Stewart While You Were Sleeping
16_ Christian Mio Loclair Helin
17_ Ouchhh Datamonolith
18_ Synflux Aubik
19_ Jon Rafman Dream Journal 2016–2019
20_ Hito Steyerl I Will Survive
21_ Jon McCormack Fifty Sisters
22_ Paolo Cirio Foundations
23_ Scott Eaton Entangled II
24_ Basile Fournier How to become (almost) Invisible (on) Internet
25_ The Diigitals Virtual Avatars